Friday, September 9, 1994

How long could this possible take? I need to know? RN's, MD's anyone smart?

OK. If you are going to post a smart butt remark, don't even bother to answer. I was wanting to know something. I have had hypertension for the last 22 years. Most of those years, it has not been controlled in spite of medications, diet, exercise, and starving my stupid self to death trying to loose weight. Right now, at rest my blood pressure is 177/116 and my pulse rate is in the 120's. I know that hypertension causes damage to the kidneys, eyes, blood vessels and all that, but how many years does it take for that damage to become bad enough to effect my health to the point that it is debilitating? Is there a certain number of years or a certain time that I need to wait for? What things do I need to watch for? For now, the only thing that is happening is really bad headaches and my ankles stay swollen. My heart beats really hard, too. Right now, I am on Lisinopril and a diuretic

and there have been times that I don't eat for several days at a time and after the first time that my blood sugar takes a nose dive, i can work through the rest of the time. and i still don't lose an ounce. But the only things that we have to eat is stuff like ramen noodles which are loaded in sodium, and then when we go to a local food pantry, we get tons of mac and cheese which is not good for me, either, so I figure that it is better to do without than to eat those things, which is the only things we have. I don't know what to do, and I know that sooner or later, this hypertension is going to take a toll on my health, but I can't help the position that I am in. I know that the stress that I am under doesn't help either, but that is unavoidable as well.

I mean I know that everybody says to eat grilled chicken and eat like a rabbit and don't forget about the grilled fish with lemon and all the cardboard crackers. But when you don't have the money to buy those things and you have the choice of eating something that is not good for you, because that is all you have, or nothing at all, I just choose nothing so the docs cant gripe at me because I am eating the wrong things. And then things are about to get even worse because the only reason that I got to go to the doc to get started on this blood pressure med is because I got a small refund check from my student loans. Under normal circumstances, I don't have that kind of money. So after this next month, I will not get to get any refills because I won't get to go back to the doctor for a new script. So whatever control I have on my hypertension at this point will be gone and I will just have to suffer it through.

Arkansas is butt holes about it when trying to get medicaid. If you are not blind, disable, pregnant, a mexican, or over 65, then you can't get medicaid. Health insurance is too expensive for me to get. Paying outright for a doc's visit is cheaper and I don't even have the money for that.

A ex pastor's wife showed me all the herbal junk and crap to try and the only thing it did is break me out in a rash and made my throat swell, so Iknow that stuff don't work either.

I was just wanting to know the magic number of years of freedom that I have before I have to start worrying. Thanks for any helpful answers in advance

Answer on How long could this possible take? I need to know? RN's, MD's anyone smart?

Oh sweetie I am so sorry to hear this story I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you and yes the finances are a definite issue in dealing with the diet associated with HT. Healthy food is expensive that's for sure. If only you were a mexican not paying taxes then maybe the system would help you out more. Do you not have any insurance ? Different meds work better for different people You may not have found the rite med for your body. Keep in mind Hypertention can be simply genetic. There is no magic # for how long it takes to see damage there are many factors to be accounted for in determining this . How long has it STAYED ELEVATED ? The damage occurs when these specific tissues begin to loose adequite circulation causing cell death and cell damage . So the answer to your question also depends on the condition of your vessels delivering that blood flow to these areas .The High pressure itself can damage the walls of the Vessels which causes the long term problems as well for example blood cannot reach the kidneys like it should = kidney problems related to High blood pressure ( because of damaged vessels ) . Cholesterol plays a huge role in the answer to you question as well cholesterol on the walls of these vessels will block the flow of blood to these areas causing a decrease in blood flow . Please tell me you are not a smoker I don't even want to go there it smoking hardens the vessels so they can't strech which makes the problem even worse. Generally 20 -30 years or sustained high BP with high cholesterol is more that enough time to see the effects you are worried about . sorry