Sunday, July 24, 1994

Will he have that new horse smell?

we have just had a guy place his new horse at our yard to be looked after and he is such a beaut how long do you think he's going to have that new horse freshness smell and will anybody know if I take him for a ride while he owner isn't around ?

Answer on Will he have that new horse smell?

if anyone rode my horse without me knowing i would shoot them haha.

How would you get saddle and bridle? i would know if my saddle has been used because i clean it after everytime i ride, and there are bum marks left on if after riding.


Erm.. that smell could be manure? Or he could have had a bath and smell like shampoo lol

but he might have problems with his back, or he might have problems with anything, like his legs might go if you trot him downhill. He could be cold backed, he could have teeth problems that only show if you bury your hands, you might ruin his schooling, if you fell off youd have to tell someone, he might be in the middle of training and be very unpredictable. You dont know his background, or what he is scared of, you dont know if he takes off in canter or just takes off when you shift your weight in a certain way. He could be a rearer, or very nappy. There are so many things that could go wrong with riding a horse you dont know. So NEVER do it without the owners permission. It is crazy to even think about taking him out without permission.