Tuesday, July 19, 1994

I need help with travel plans?

We want to travel to some Mediterranean beaches, but not as a guided tour. Ideally, we'd fly in from the US to or near to a beach with interesting sights and events nearby (maybe rent a car to go to some of them), maybe in Spain. We'd stay a week, then a quick water taxi to another Mediterranean beach in France for a week and tour on our own. Then taxi to one of the Greek isles for still another beach/self-tour. Then finally, back to another, different beach in Spain, maybe Italy and fly back to the US at the end of that fourth week.

We're both retired University professors, so we certainly aren't wealthy, but have been saving for a long time to be able to afford this dream. If we can't afford to go this year, we'll save for another year and another until we can afford it, but we think this time is possible.

Answer on I need help with travel plans?

1. Fly into the cheapest airport in Europe. 2. There are train passes that will allow you to travel to several different EU countries within a certain amount of time. Buy them! there are trains EVERYWHERE in Europe. 3. Stay at hostels.. they range from 7$ to 22$ a night. You can book ahead of time or days before.

You'd have the most fun when you do this spontaneously!

Trains connect to every country and every town. Hostels are all over. It's easy!