Friday, July 8, 1994

Okay so this is my diet plan. tell me your opinion?!?

i start school in 5 days and i just realized im a bit chunkier than i wanted to be
so i made this little diet plan for myself- even though i have no clue if it would really have any benefits
i am 5'7'' & 156 & 16 yrs old pounds & im a 3 sport athelete so i would like to try not to lose my muscle
i have volleyball 3 hours a day for the next 5 days
i have a tomato for breakfast lunch and dinner
well actually itd probably be a salad like with onion and lettuce and stuff but thats it- no bread, pasta, sweets, or soda. just water and milk to drink- i love milk(:
my family has a huge garden so thats why lol
i dont eat after 7 pm and i go for a one hour walk every night
i do about 300 different types of crunches and i lift for about half an hour as well as 5 min of wall sits a night.
how much weight would i lose?!

Answer on Okay so this is my diet plan. tell me your opinion?!?

wtf honey, that is a terrible idea. First of all, get this "diet" idea out of your head. Think of it more as a healthy lifestyle. With the amount of exercise that you do, you absolutely NEED a lot of food to be able to sustain yourself, trust me, I'm a 17 year old female and I run cross country. You need to have a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meats, and dairy products to look your best. And lots and lots of water. Try something like a Slim Fast shake in the morning before school, a sandwich, granola bar, some kind of fruit for lunch, and a nice dinner with some kind of meat, vegetable, and starch. Please do not diet and restrict what your eating, because you will get very sick and may end up being put in some rehab hospital, away from your home, family, and friends. There you will be forced to eat, weather you like it or not. Please trust me, I've been through it all before. Or worse, you could end up dead, from malnutrition or you could go into cardiac arrest. And you dont want that, do you? Please take this advice, and I wish you the best.