Saturday, May 14, 1994

Why is everything so difficult on facebook?

It seems like a logical nightmare, everything requires a question. Why is this? I have a theory that the more computer smart you are the less common sense you tend to have, do you think this is true and do you think thats why every function is difficult to figure out the first time (people with no common sense running the website)

Answer on Why is everything so difficult on facebook?

The website grows and changes just like anything else. It just takes a little getting used to but it is in no way "difficult".

I seriously question that "95% of its users" are confused at changes made to the site. Especially since the big changes that are rolled in are usually optional at first and give you time to get used to it. I'm not sure what your aversion to change is, but maybe you should just fore go using Facebook if you find social networking to be such a chore.