Sunday, May 1, 1994

A few tattoo questions?

1) how old do you have to be in the UK to get a tattoo,
2) what does it feel like whilst getting the tattoo?
3) whats the best part of getting one
4) whats the worse part of getting one
5) have you got any tattoo's, if so- what have you got and if not- what would you like to get?

im not arsed if you think tattoo's are tramp stamps on girls, and please dont tell me i dont want a tattoo, cause i do..
i want black chinese writing saying 'Love' and 'Christina' on my hip'ish.
i also want, r.i.p grandpa and uncle anthony in small black writing on my wrist with a small black rose underneath,(really small writing&rose)
and a tiny navy blue anchor on my ankle,
not all at once but these are ones i would like.

Answer on A few tattoo questions?

1. 18. However, some dodgy shops don't care how old you are, but I wouldn't recommend going there, a couple of my friends have gone down that route and regretted it, so it's a big no no.

2. For me, it just tickled and vibrated a bit, but when it got closer to the bone it hurt a little more.

3 AND 4. I got mine to mark a major event in my life, and knowing that it was a part of me forever felt amazing. However, I got an infection and it started to fade and go green and fuzzy.

5. Yes, just one. I have a T on my left index fingertip. It sounds obscure, but it's not really haha. I do want more though.

By the way, all your tattoos sound lovely and meaningful :)