Friday, April 22, 1994

Are BMI scales always correct?

I go to a weight loss weight management place I'm & I'm about fed up with it lol I know cannot be right one time I weighed they told me it said I lost 7 pounds of water 9 pounds of muscle and my fat went up 4 pounds and told me my weight was the same lol no way right? muscle weighs more than fat my weight would def have changed.. this time they told me i lost 10 pounds of water lost 10 pounds of muscle and gained a lil in fat but said I lost 6 pounds.. last week they told me something completely different to me that's impossible to lose that in days something wrong right not just me lol

Answer on Are BMI scales always correct?

muscle doesn't weigh more than fat. A pound of fat and a pound of muscle have the same mass but the muscle would be more compact